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Naval Architecture


Naval Architecture is a specialised engineering discipline dealing with the design of ships. Some aspects of this are:


      • designing of the hullshape (linesplan)
      • resistance and propulsion
      • scantling calculations (dimensioning structural parts)
      • weight calculation
      • hydrostatics and stability calculation (intact & damaged)
      • tank arrangements and optimised loading conditions
      • classification related issues and calculations (CE, STIX, Lloyds, BV, GL, etc)
      • sailplans and rigging details (for sailing ships)
      • conduction of stability tests (inclinating test)
      • making of stability booklets


Considering that the development of a good design is a complex proces, generally the work method is defined by a 'design spiral'. All design aspects will be considered and reconsidered through an iterative proces. All these aspects greatly influence each other so this is a necessary proces to realise a well balanced final design.



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